ZeeMee is proud to support schools, districts, charter networks, and non-profit organizations who are leading and innovating with technology to bring their students' stories and character to the next level.

Education Partners

Students at YES Prep, a charter network based in Houston, Texas serving over 12,000 predominantly first generation students, have used ZeeMee as the platform to create their College Application Portfolio Project, or CAPP for short.

Through their CAPP, students utilize their ZeeMee profile to showcase their progression among 8 college-ready attributes, including: Positive Self-Concept, Realistic Self-Appraisal, Community, Leadership, Long-Range Goals, Strong Support Person, Nontraditional Knowledge, and Understanding and Knowing how to Handle Racism/Navigating the System

Fulton County is a mixed urban/suburban public school district located in Atlanta, Georgia. ZeeMee supports counselor training at Fulton County, where all counselors are trained on ZeeMee, positive digital identity, and character development via district-wide professional development.

In addition, the Fulton Schools College and Career Academy has launched the Who I Am (WIA) Initiative, a school-wide initiative for South Atlanta students at the vocational school to connect with technology to better tell their story and share their experiences with college and potential employers in a relevant, 21st-Century manner via ZeeMee. 

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